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NINTEX Custom Clock for London Office

Posted by on 1/13/2017 to Custom & Large Artwork
NINTEX Custom Clock for London Office
It was my pleasure to create a custom clock for the NINTEX corporation featuring their custom 'x'. I was able to blend a variety of pigments to represent their bold signature orange. The overall footprint of this dynamic custom timepiece is 62" L x 40" H. 

Here is a look at the inspiration:

NINTEX keeps their office space fresh keeps gets the creative juices flowing with this modern yet earthy look. Love the carpet!
Of course, this infusion of fun is to be expected from a company who implores you to "make work less work". 

Nintex is in the business of helping your business. From their website"At Nintex, we spend our time and energy making our customers’ work lives better. And because we make people’s jobs easier, we make their lives easier. From the day-to-day tasks to the most sophisticated business-critical processes, we make people more productive. Our goal is to help our customers do more of what they do best, and we’re pretty good at our job." 

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