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Colors of the Wind by Jon Allen - 48" x 24"

Colors of the Wind by Jon Allen - 48" x 24"

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Colors of the Wind

Aqua, Brown, Yellow, Navy Blue

48" x 24" x 2" (121.91 cm x 60.96 cm x 5.08 cm)

JAC - 636

Colors of the Wind by Jon Allen - Abstract Earthtone Metal Painting - Blue, Brown, Aqua Metal Art

The Jon Allen Collection is an exclusive, hand-selected group of my most personal work to date. Each piece is hand-painted on aluminum. My art itself and my chosen medium, aluminum, are blissfully married. You may not think of the word organic when you hear the word metal, but this is some of my most organic art and thats simply because metal allows my work to achieve true sentience. Aluminums naturally reflective nature enables each color, shape, and stroke to reach its full potential. A new aspect of the painting will reveal itself to you as it basks in the light that surrounds, evades, or envelops it at that moment. When you see the piece from different angles, you will appreciate how vibrant, dynamic, and environmentally influenced these pieces are. What you may see and feel by morning is not what you'll see or feel by dusk and in many ways, and as such, I feel these pieces capture the ever-ebbing and complex nature of human emotion and perception.

Product Features:

  • Exclusive, one of a kind painting signed by renowned artist Jon Allen
  • Includes Certificate of Authenticity
  • High quality, durable metal sculpture, handmade with precision and detail in the USA!
  • Artwork arrives ready to display. Due to a wide variety of wall types, nails/screws are not provided

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