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About Jon

Jon was born a artist but he received formal training at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, an institution that has been providing training in design, media, fashion and culinary arts for nearly a half century. He then refined his style of abstraction by spending time in Europe, studying the centuries-old traditions of Western art and focusing his attention on the intersection of architecture and art at the peak of Modernism in the 20th century. He counts among his influences both abstract painters such as Paul Klee and influential architects like Frank Lloyd Wright. True to the diverse range of art that has inspired it, Allen’s own work explores the fusion of structure and color, as he augments the rigidity of the metal in which he works with the fluid chromatic effects of paint. The result is art that effectively combines the analytical abstraction of the 20th century with the organic sensibilities of the 21st century.


A South Florida resident for many years, Jon enjoys marine life and is inspired by his many exotic fish and other sea life. When the married father of two college aged children isn't busy creating artwork, Jon works closely with several arts related organizations. He most frequently collaborates with the VSA Florida; a private not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing young people with disability access to arts learning experiences providing young people with disabilities access to cultural facilities and activities among other things.

Artist's Statement

"I have always been driven to carve my own path. My passion is constantly stimulated by the world and everything in it, from the waves of the oceans to the geometric lines of the city at night. Never wanting to follow in another’s footsteps, I have a burning desire to conceive what has yet to be conceived and create what has yet to be created. I live in a sea of ideas, visions and concepts, and I am compelled to give these ideas life.

Metal art offers an alternative to a traditional artist’s canvas that interior designers and architects prefer for its ability to portray a calming, tranquil ambiance. Reinventing itself through recycling, metal is a medium that conveys power and demonstrates the brilliance of reflective light. My inspiration is always vivid and dynamic; using power tools to create artwork infuses my pieces with the strength and intensity that was once captured only in my mind’s eye.

For over two decades I have had the privilege to successfully sell my art in galleries and fine art shows all over the country, which has provided me the great fortune to experience firsthand a unique connection with my collectors. I have won numerous awards, yet my finest accolade and what continues to fuel my creativity is experiencing positive responses from those who collect my artwork.

It is the satisfaction of accurately and tangibly representing my artistic inspiration that gratifies me as an artist. It is the fruition of sharing my talent and obsession that carries me each day. It is my calling to share my art with you." - Jon Allen


Recent Projects

Jon Allen’s celebrated metal artwork is featured in the homes of private collectors around the globe including those of several actors, producers, musicians, sports stars, authors and other public figures. His work is enjoyed by tens of thousands of visitors on iconic properties of every type from his most recent Summer 2015 installation at The Leslie hotel on South Beach, Miami’s illustrious Ocean Avenue to the fabled PGA Championship Valhalla Golf Course Club.

Jon’s dynamic artwork is as diverse as the plethora of platforms on which it has been featured. Look for Jon’s pieces in the upcoming Sci-Fi / Action film GeoStorm starring Gerard Butler, Abbie Cornish, Andy Garcia, and Ed Harris. Jon’s unmistakable work will also be seen in the upcoming film Central Intelligence starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, comedian Kevin Hart, and Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul.

Jon’s stunning pieces have been featured on HGTV’s Extreme Homes, the Netflix Original series Hemlock Grove, VH1’s hit Basketball Wives, the History Channel’s Henry Rollins hosted series 10 Things You Don’t Know About, and everybody’s favorite country-themed drama, ABC’s Nashville.

As a revered independent artist, Jon has selectively forged enduring relationships with highly regarded International Design firms & Interior Design Professionals like Private Label International who were ranked by Business Journal as a top Interior Design Firm.

His large freestanding sculptures, functional art clocks, wall sculptures, custom wall décor and fine paintings proudly hang in the corporate offices of international companies like General Dynamics Corporation and Airgas Inc., have been featured in galleries around the World, and are even proudly displayed at a United States Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan.

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